[Seoul economy] Youngbeen Kim, fount CEO, Will Apply AI to Asset Management, will make investors worry less about their future

More and more businesses are integrating robo-advisory (RA) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology together. A robo-advisor startup Fount is an asset management service that strives to bring to customers more stable yet profitable returns compared to human financial advisors. Using technology to build a diversified portfolio and undergo rebalancing based on real time market changes, Fount provides an automated asset management service for its customers. Early this year, following the successful development of a chatbot, the subsidiary company called ‘Fount AI’ has been established. Recently, the company developed a default forecasting model and credit risk management system which will be used by major banks and credit card companies. Fount CEO, Kim Youngbeen, wants to democratize easy wealth management and financial planning for all. He states, “With AI and RA techniques together, Fount will build a service that provides high returns while alleviating any financial shocks. We want our customers to trust our service and live comfortably even at an old age knowing that their money is in good hands.”

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