[Tech M] [Robo-Advisor] fount, in pursuit of plus-alpha revenue

fount, a startup founded in 2015, has already garnered a great deal of attention from the start for having the world legendary investor, Jim Roger, as its company advisor. fount aims to provide an optimal asset allocation and management service. With its ‘Bluewhale’ robo-advisor engine, fount works with major financial institutions such as Woori Bank and Industrial Bank of Korea, providing them with beta service and robo-advice solutions. Not only does fount draw in financial institutions for its outstanding, successful technological developments, the company has also been attracting other sectors that could use the technology. As a result of the great interest, fount established ‘fount AI” subsidiary company this year. According to an interview with the representative of fount AI, the primary goal of the company right now is to create a chatbot specialized in the economic sector.

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